Thank you for taking a few moments to drop by and browse my site.  My passion is writing erotica because it’s so much fun. The only limit is your imagination. And if you’re having a “moment” there are lots of story ideas everywhere you look. I just sit back and imagine a different outcome to all sorts of things I read and experience. I love to play with words and turn a phrase. Then I get to meddle in all sorts of relationships between men and women that I can only imagine. Remember I love romance-wicked wet and naughty!

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My newest release – Dallas, A Rogue’s Ardor.

Sometime during the year of 1861 a beautiful albeit unhappily married woman fell prey to the charms of a Confederate rouge.

Jewell was stalked and cajoled into an illicit liaison with a Confederate soldier.  Dallas spoke of the naughty things he would do to her once they were alone. Consenting to meet him in his hotel room, Jewel made a mistake that became the talk of the town and brought her husband and sheriff to their hotel room door.  Two gunshots later they both were dead and Dallas’ spirit chose to remain in the hotel room for all eternity.

As time passed, Dallas’ ghost took advantage of the various occupants of that room.  The women were always grateful, some returning time and time again.  They never fully understood what was happening but they enjoyed their stay immensely.

In 1998 a hotel maid, Allie, became his newest conquest. Lonely and horny, Allie enjoyed the feelings and arousal this ethereal being gave her. She became jealous of the women occupying the room and realized that she was falling in love with a ghost.

Read on to discover if Allie ever finds true love and if she discovers who the ghost really is.

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