Thank you for taking a few moments to drop by and browse my site.  My passion is writing erotica because it’s so much fun. The only limit is your imagination. And if you’re having a “moment” there are lots of story ideas everywhere you look. I just sit back and imagine a different outcome to all sorts of things I read and experience. I love to play with words and turn a phrase. Then I get to meddle in all sorts of relationships between men and women that I can only imagine. Remember I love romance-wicked wet and naughty!

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The Christmas Stranger

Kristen, a successful software startup owner quit college to manage the tremendous growth and inevitable expansion. Huge success requires new capital and investors to supply that needed infusion and expertise. Using her guile and physical attributes, she satisfied her need for additional funds. Now at a crossroads requiring even more money, a mysterious billionaire has taken an interest in the business’s growth and the beautiful woman at the helm.

A chance meeting and a holiday themed meal drew the tall, dark and handsome stranger closer. After their first touch, Kirstin knew he saw into her soul and made delicious things happen in her nether regions.
He is drawn in by her strength, spontaneity, beautiful eyes and luscious body.

Does the stranger get a special desert or remain an elusive desire?

Enjoy the fantasy, because everyone deserves a Christmas miracle.


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